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BASCO®rep / BASCO®rep ready mix patching and filling grout - for rapid and durable repairs.

Potholes and loose or protruding manhole covers are potential traffic hazards. Prompt repair can prevent accidents and falls. Using BASCO®rep products, defects such as these can be repaired quickly, economically and durably.

Technological description.
BASCO®rep and BASCO®rep ready mix are solvent-free 2-component cold-plastic grouts based on reactive methacrylate resins. They are designed for universal use and durable repairs. BASCO®rep ready mix is ​​a ready-to-use product that contains a specified quantity of quartz sand. No additional admixture is necessary on site.

Fields of application.
BASCO®rep products excel as long-lasting, abrasion-resistant and weather-resistant fillers with which protrusions such as manhole covers, offsets, etc. can be smoothly transitioned to the surrounding surface. Even manholes or small potholes can be filled.

Your advantages at a glance.

  • Solvent free
  • Fast curing for minimum traffic interruption
  • Durable repairs
  • High elasticity
  • Good resistance to de-icing salts
  • Very good price/performance ratio

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