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BASCOplast and BASCOdur nightglow - luminescent markings for greater safety.

In the event of an emergency, power outage or weak illumination, luminescent markings show drivers and pedestrians the way out of public and private buildings. In case of danger, escape routes have to be immediately detectable to guide people out of the danger zone as quickly as possible. With our nightglow-products, we have developed a system that is ideal for use in safety-related guidance systems. The high-performance pigments are charged by incident light and deliver luminosity in the dark.

Technological description.

BASCOdur and BASCOplast nightglow are available as 2-component luminescent paint and as 2-component cold plastic. They can be used on substrates of concrete, concrete modified with synthetic resin and synthetic resin. The products are supplied ready for use, which simplifies subsequent processing.

Fields of application.

Nightglow-products are suitable for luminescent signalling in factories, subterranean garages, stairways, warehouses, tunnels and shopping centres. They can also be used to identify obstacles, such as the edges of stairs, steps and ramps, which minimizes further safety risks. They can also be used to mark large areas of flooring or specific lines or points.

plast nightglow is particularly suitable for thick-layer application. Furthermore it is free of solvents and fast curing. BASCOdur nightglow is sprayable and convinces with low susceptibility to contamination.

Your advantages at a glance.

  • Ready to use
  • Wear-resistant
  • Suitable for use in cold rooms
  • Long-lasting afterglow
  • Water-resistant


Product fact sheet BASCOdur and BASCOplast nightglow


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