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BASCO®taktil cold plastic - for reliable orientation.

Blind and visually impaired people who are out and about on their own can find themselves confronted with problems and hazards in a variety of situations. To facilitate orientation, blind and visually impaired pedestrians rely on information that they gather from their natural surroundings or from the buildings around them. This information can be tactile, acoustic or visual. But as their findings are not necessarily reliable, tactile-visual surface markings (often referred to as TWSI - the abbreviation for  "tactile warning surface indicators”) have been developed which visually impaired people can perceive by means of their white canes, through the soles of their shoes or thanks to residual vision.

Technological description.

Our BASCO®taktil products use a tactile-visual 2-component cold plastic based on reactive methacrylate resins. Thanks to their relief-style high-contrast structure, people can detect markings both by touching them with their white canes or by feeling them with their feet, while the markings are also identifiable visually. Markings can be applied to surfaces by means of a draw box or special stencils.

Fields of application.

Tactile markings are intended to guide blind or visually impaired people safely from one place to another in public areas. BASCO®taktil products are therefore used predominantly in buildings with high volumes of visitors, such as railway stations and airports, or on sidewalks. In addition, detectable tactile warnings in the close vicinity of pedestrian crossings and curbs, in front of stairways, ramps, escalators, lifts, etc. provide greater safety and improve orientation.

Your advantages at a glance.

  • Rapid application
  • Very good contrast for the visually impaired
  • Very good tactile aid for the blind
  • Durable and hardwearing
  • Anti-slip
  • Weather-resistant



Product fact sheet BASCO®taktil cold plastic



Basler Lacke AG as exhibitor at Hofmann Technology Day

November 28, 2019 | Hofmann Technology Day | Rellingen, Germany