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BASCO®plast cold plastic - durable surface markings to protect road users.

High-grade surface markings such as our BASCO®plast products increase road safety. They fulfil an important role by guiding road users safely through traffic by means of a visual guidance system during both the day and night and in all sorts of weather conditions. BASCO®plast cold plastics provide high wear resistance, dimensional stability and good visibility.

Technological description.

BASCO®plast is a solvent-free 2-component plastic based on reactive methacrylate resins and enjoys a wide range of applications for the permanent marking of surfaces. It can be applied equally well by hand or by machine. 

Fields of application.

BASCO®plast products can be used in a variety of areas and are particularly suitable for marking edge and centre lines and pedestrian crossings. The cold plastic material is used on highways and roads with a high volume of traffic. These products are ideal for use in both the private and public sectors.

Your advantages at a glance.

  • Solvent-free
  • Rapid trafficability
  • Stable quality for three to four years (depending on traffic volume and thickness of coat)
  • Weather-resistant
  • Good dimensional stability even in warm regions
  • Very good price-performance ratio



Product fact sheet BASCO®plast cold plastic



certification Rospotrebnadzor BASCO®plast

BASCO®plast Universal 14
BASt Type l
BASt Type ll

BASCO®plast fein BA09
BASt Typ ll agglomerates quantity 2,2kg/m2 traffic yellow

BASCO®plast fein BA 10
BASt Type ll agglomerates layer thickness 300μm quantity 2,2 kg/m2 Weissker
BASt Type l layer thickness 2000μm Weissker
BASt Type ll agglomerates quantity 2,3kg/m2 Weissker
BASt Type ll KSP_ KP system 300μm
BASt Type ll defined agglomerates
BASt Type ll undefined agglomerates quantity 2,2 kg/m2 Weissker
BASt Typ ll KSP_KP system 400μm
BASt Typ ll layer thickness 2000 μm Weissker
BASt Typ ll agglomerates 2,3kg/m2

BASCO®plast MA10
BASt Typ ll agglomerates quantity 2,3kg/m2 Weissker



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November 28, 2019 | Hofmann Technology Day | Rellingen, Germany